Benefits of Lead-Free Frangible Components

SinterFire Powder Metal Frangible Bullet Components?

SinterFire is the originator of a proprietary powder metal (pm) technology and has developed a manufacturing process that has been applied to bullet components to produce lead-free, frangible, reduced hazard ammunition. The resulting lead-free bullets have performance characteristics like:

  • Reduced Hazard
  • Inherent Accuracy
  • No Ricochet
  • Higher Velocity
  • Controlled Fragmentation
  • Reduced Pressure Levels

This new technology combines the technology of the Powder Metal and Ceramic industries with non-ferrous, composite materials into a focused effort to develop superior quality, frangible bullet components.

The SinterFire Advantage for Competitive Shooters

SinterFire products were initially developed for law enforcement and military training applications. The results have been phenomenal and our components have become the standard ammunition the manufacturers and federal agencies demand for projectile performance. Because of the reduced hazard and the enhanced accuracy characteristics, competitive shooters have become the latest group of users to find the benefits of SinterFire lead-free, reduced hazard components.

  • Proven increases in accuracy for both pistol and rifle ammunition.
  • Reduced hazard to the shooter when engaging on up-close steel.
  • Reduced bore wear.
  • No bounce back or ricochet.
  • Repeatable performance, full function and reliability.
  • No airborne or bullet trap lead contaminations at indoor and outdoor ranges.
  • Proven increases in accuracy for both pistol and rifle ammunition.
  • The ability to shoot steel targets without damage when properly loaded.
  • Reduced bore fouling and ease of clean up.
  • Repeatable performance, full function and reliability.

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