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SinterFire manufactures one product; Lead-free, frangible, reduced hazard bullets. SinterFire supplies more components to OEM and independent ammo companies than all of the other manufacturers combined.


SinterFire uses only certified raw materials and relies on "Made in the USA" craftsmanship. The quality and support of our products have earned SinterFire a customer base whose loyalty is second to none.


SinterFire is the originator of the product and manufacturing technology to produce compressed powdered metal, heat-treated projectiles. SinterFire holds patents for both the product and manufacturing processes.


Aggressive R&D, uncompromised technical support and fair & reasonable pricing reflects our long-term commitment to the customer and the industry.


The SinterFire staff includes engineers, law enforcement professionals and dedicated individuals that produce the highest quality and best performing components available.


SinterFire bullets are designed to be functionally reliable, accurate and ballistically correct in all weapon systems. They perform exactly as we say they will….every time.


An extensive list of patents and trademarks reflects our continuing pursuit of innovative technology. SinterFire products are used as a benchmark to establish industry standards for performance and quality.

The Competitive Edge

Law enforcement and recreational users have seen the high performance, reduced hazard and environmental benefits of our components. Our experience and credibility in the industry have resulted in the finest ammunition products for training, service & duty, competitive and recreational shooting sports.


SinterFire accepts the challenges of tomorrow! This leads us to a continuing series of new products that meet or exceed the customer and industry’s requirements.


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