SinterFire will be attending the IWA Outdoor Classics Tradeshow in Nuremburg, Germany early next year. It is always nice to spend time with our customers from abroad.


Saint Marys Police Department was hosted at the SinterFire range this Wednesday. Advanced training included firing into/out of a vehicle and low-light/night hostage rescue. Chief of Police, Todd Caltagarone, was very pleased with the training his officers received citing several opportunities where it would apply on duty. See you next year guys!



SinterFire is proud to announce that we are a new NSSF Voting Member!



Special Duty hollow point ammunition is now available in the web store. Looking for home defense ammo with massive knockdown power that won't over-penetrate common household barriers? Look no further than SF Special Duty.

SF9100SD  SF9100SD




Ammo is available for purchase in our new web store! Browse our selection of lead-free, reduced hazard pistol ammunition.



Coming soon!

We will soon be announcing availability of our new lines of pistol and rifle ammunition in two varieties: Greenline and Reduced Hazard.

SinterFire Greenline Ammunition will be a completely lead-free option (including a lead-free primer) and be offered in popular calibers.


SinterFire Reduced Hazard Ammunition will feature standard primers in pistol calibers 9 mm and 40 S&W.


Stay tuned for more details!

New Product Announcement


SinterFire is proud to announce availability of .223 Rem full metal jacketed projectiles. SF223-55 FMJ bullets are available in 55 grain weight, feature a boat tail and cannelure groove. Load data is available on our website. Standard loadings (i.e. 2,750 fps.) give this projectile great frangibility for use in environments where steel damage and fear of ricochet issues are present (we still recommend a safe firing distance of 10 yards). Augmented loadings (i.e. 3,000 fps.) will improve varmint hunting and longer range applications, but may not be suitable for steel targets at higher velocities. The SinterFire FMJ uses our frangible copper/tin technology in a core fully encapsulated in a high precision gilding metal copper jacket. Designed to be the training equivalent of the ARMY’s M855A1 EPR (Enhanced Performance Round), the SF223-55 FMJ offers a completely lead-free FMJ bullet for use in rifles with a 1 in 7 in. twist. Give them a try and let us know what you think!

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