Frangible, Lead-Free

All SinterFire frangible, lead-free ammunition components are manufactured using exclusive, certified, copper/tin composite material and a controlled heat treatment process. SinterFire is the originator and innovator of this new bullet for use in ammunition technology and has multiple patents for the technology and design.

  • SinterFire is the only manufacturer of heat-treated, copper/tin composite ammunition components approved by the BATF and in compliance with Federal Firearms Regulations.
  • The one-piece molded design provides functional reliability, uniform dimensional and weight control for superior accuracy with repeatable performance.
  • Process parameters allow for controlled fragmentation of the projectile upon impact with hard and soft surfaces. "Application Specific" and "Dynamic Design" characteristics allow for training and special duty scenarios.

Unlike traditional ball lead projectiles, which ricochet or fragment into large pieces, SinterFire frangible, lead-free projectiles literally crumble to dust upon impact with surfaces harder than themselves. SinterFire projectiles are perfect for close quarter steel plate shooting and tactical operations.

A full embodiment of a proprietary lubricant provides increased velocities at reduced pressures, reduced bore wear and minimized bore fouling. The molded-in taper crimp design provides bullet/case retention and promotes functional reliability.

The controlled flexibility of full in-house CAD design and manufacturing allows for unlimited configurations, customer exclusive products and guaranteed quality. Hollow point configurations and molded-in identifiers are available.

Our manufacturing system requires certified, fully traceable virgin materials. There are no traces of reclaimed elements that inhibit quality and affect ultimate performance. SinterFire provides true frangibility. The ability to control the fragmentation allows SinterFire to manufacture components to the application and performance requirements specified by the end user. The performance based design and controlled manufacturing processes are combined to produce a frangible projectile with the desired ballistic characteristics for superior performance and repeatable results.

Powder Before

Powder After